Discover the Life you were meant to live

Join Leon in cities around the world, as he shares and teaches through his experiences of travel and adventure. These seminars will teach you about the limitless possibilities contained within your own life, and guide your decisions about who you are and who you want to become.

Are you living with despair and loneliness? Are you making choices based not on who you are but on who others think you should be? Are you trapped in the idea that only a few select people are allowed to realize their dreams, and the rest of us must simply clock in until the day we clock out? Are you tired of regretting not jumping off that high dive, the wind rushing past, the cold plunge of water reminding you, that for today, in this moment, you are brilliantly, madly alive? I promise that, at the end of this speech, you will feel re-energized, confident in the magic that lies within. And that your dreams will be appear far less daunting…

It’s time. To. Free. Yourself. One dream at a time.

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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

Walt Disney